Episode 94: Aloysius Gonzaga

June 17, 2018

An incredible young example of holiness, determination and rebellion!  Be inspired.

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One comment on “Episode 94: Aloysius Gonzaga

  1. Jack Perry Jun 24, 2018

    I look forward each week to your subjects. I recently read about Aloysius Gonzaga. My pastor pronounced Aloysius as Alo- wish- ous.
    I do too having worked one time with a guy named Aloysius Donavon. He pronounced it Alowishous. We called him “Wish” for short.
    However, you mentioned Butler’s Lives of the Saints. Is this available online? When I come across Saint’s in my daily missal I usually look them up on Google. I always wonder if I’m getting good “facts”.
    I would prefer getting A Catholic view. What do you think?